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to Pilrig Children's Nursery


Our youngest babies spend their time in the cosy environment of the Den. 

The Den is a separate quieter area for our babies under the age of around 18 months. The babies have direct access  to our decking area and from there to the big garden which they also use from time to time. The Hedgehogs spend their day playing, exploring, eating & drinking, sleeping and of course having their nappies changed!

The Hedgehogs have their own buggies enabling them to head out to the nearby park on a regular basis.



Children in the Squirrels group are generally aged from 18 months up to 3 years and have their base in The Tree Room. 
Our youngest Squirrels will also spend time playing in The Butterfly Room which is a special cosy and quiet room near our two main playrooms. They can also, if they want, venture out to the bigger playrooms to mix with all of the other older children.
The day is spent playing, exploring and learning both indoors and out. Forest School trips to the Pilrig Park across the road are a great hit, as are our Tatty Bumpkin classes (children’s yoga) and dance sessions. Children are free to choose what and who they wish to play with, regardless of age.


The Rabbits group have their base in the Flower Room and are generally aged from 3 to 5 years old.  

Their day is structured to allow for free flow play and learning and also some small group play sessions where we generally focus on communication & language.


The older children love The Daily Run through our large garden and the weekly Forest School sessions to the nearby St Mark’s Community Woodland.


The Rabbits make regular trips to our local Scotmid for supplies which they donate to a nearby Foodbank. Other popular & regular trips include visits to our local care home in Albert Street where we take part in shared activities with the residents such as reading, singing and baking. Over time, we all get to know each other well.  We also visit McDonald Road library regularly for the Book Bug and Rhyme Time sessions.


Songs and stories feature throughout the day and we have designated areas of the nursery where children can chill & relax on a sofa if they need a breather!  Our main Rest & Relaxation time tends to be after lunch where we encourage the children to “switch off” and relax and breathe!


Breakfast & afternoon snack is organized on a “rolling & self-serve” basis which means the children have snack when they feel hungry, at a table which accommodates a group of up to 6.

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