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Forest Schools

Pilrig Children's Nursery places a high emphasis on outdoor learning and follows the Principles of the Forest Education Initiative (FEI) which aims to increase the understanding and appreciation, particularly among young people, of the environmental, social, and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests.

Our two main sites for our Forest Schools trips are Pilrig Park, which is directly opposite the nursery, and St. Mark’s Community Woodland, a twenty minute walk from the nursery. A group of 8 children, accompanied by two adults, go on a Forest Schools trip one day each week for 6 consecutive weeks and take part in a range of activities linked to the curriculum. Children love going and have lots of fun!


As with all aspects of nursery life, the safety and wellbeing of the children is of paramount importance. We have carried out risk assessments for each site, journey and all activities. We also have an Emergency Procedure plan in the unlikely event of an accident and at least one member of staff accompanying the children is First Aid trained.


Our intention is to go in all weathers and therefore children need waterproof clothing and suitable footwear. There is a sheltered area where we have a snack if the rain is heavy. Outings are rescheduled if the weather is considered a threat to the children’s safety or wellbeing. 


Activities are planned in the usual way and some examples of what we expect to do during a typical trip are:


  • Walk through the woods & observe nature’s changes

  • Set up camp in a clearing

  • Have a Snack & some Free Time

  • Undertake a Challenge/Activity (involving eg art, tree identification or perhaps knotting)

  • Enjoy Together Time (chat, review, story & songs)


We also have a follow up session back in the nursery as soon as possible after the visit and a record of what we experience and learn is kept in our Forest Schools Floor Book.

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