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About Us

Pilrig Children’s Nursery is a small family-run nursery which provides a safe, stimulating and  happy place for children to play, learn and thrive.

We take great pride and pleasure in seeing the children grow and develop through our combination of outdoor learning and child centred play. Our spacious and sunny playrooms open out on to the large garden enabling smooth free-flow indoors and outdoors play for children of all ages.


Pilrig Children’s Nursery is a nurturing, fun, inclusive and safe space, where children and their families are welcomed and respected. What we do and how we care will inspire children to be kind, imaginative and independent individuals.



  • Promoting the rights of the children in our care through listening, respecting & responding to all our children’s needs.

  • Working in partnership with parents & the wider community.

  • Making the transition from home to nursery, room to room, nursery to school, as positive and compassionate as possible for both children and parents. We want to excel at this and will continually focus on improving these transition journeys.

  • Promoting positive behaviour with the emphasis on praise, respect and encouragement.

  • Developing children’s skills, knowledge and self-esteem through play, both structured and independent, indoor and outdoor.

  • Promoting environmental awareness in the curriculum & daily nursery life through health & wellbeing, waste minimisation & energy efficiency.

  • Making a commitment to continual improvement & the achievement of excellence through supporting, encouraging & investing in our staff, and by listening & engaging with our parents & children.

Our Values



  • We communicate well with young children and adults.

  • We listen well.

  • We adapt our communication style to work well with people from around the world who may not share our native language.

  • We are calm in stressful situations & communicate with children in a calm & quiet tone.




  • We are open, caring and supportive in our relationship with fellow employees.

  • We make time to help colleagues.

  • We treat everyone with equal respect, children, colleague and parents.




  • We admit mistakes freely & openly.

  • We take joy in trying new things and encourage the children and colleagues to do the same.

  • We question actions inconsistent with our values.

  • We are willing to be critical of the status quo.

  • We say what we think, when it is in the best interests of the nursery, even if it is uncomfortable to do so.


Play, Fun & Laughter 


  • We have fun with the children when playing & talking with them.

  • We show our sense of humour.

  • We believe that children learn through playing, both independently and through structured activities.

  • We appreciate that children love to play outdoors in all weathers.

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